Having almost two decades of experiences in organizing intellectual property strategies for technology and start-up companies, LCC Partners offers numerous legal services include:

  1. Corporate Structuring
  2. Fund Raising
  3. Intellectual Property Planning
  4. Tax Planning
  5. Labor Contract and Incentive Program Planning
  6. Application for Licenses

Our clients cover business in electronic devices manufacturing, Internet services, biotechnology, as well as other innovative industries. We have successfully assisted many start-ups in obtaining great amount of investment and opening up their market to the world. We believe that start-ups are the future of Taiwan, and also the platform for inspiring talents to explore their potentials. Therefore, we are delighted to share our experiences with and assist early stage companies.

Additionally, we have been supporting the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan as legal counsel for industrial park development for more than a decade; such experiences enable us to gain in-depth knowledge in industrial investments and management. LCC Partners has substantial experience in interpreting relevant regulations, creating management scheme in accordance with the regulations, proposing regulation amendment, and settling the disputes between the authorities and the business. Moreover, we have been involved in the drafting and enactment of Special Act of Free Economic Pilot Zone; which makes us take lead in the trend of industrial innovation. To respond to the trend in the near future, LCC Partners has comprehensive plans and solutions to possible legal disputes, and we will continue to support our clients vigorously.