LCC Partners has extensive experiences in insurance law and insurance industry. Our lawyers provide full-service to all kinds of clients in the industry, including insurance companies, the Professional Insurance Brokers Association, the Insurance Agency Association, and Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund. Our experiences include:

  1. Incorporation and M&A of Insurance Companies:
    We assisted insurance companies to incorporate locally and involved in many mergers both domestically and internationally. The services we provide also include spin-off, share swap or transfer, substantive examination, and drafting and revising M&A contracts. Furthermore, we assist our clients in obtaining the approval from local authorities to complete the process of incorporation or M&A.
  2. Legal Counselor for Insurance Industry/ Insurance Associations:
    Our lawyers actively provide service as legal counselors of insurances companies, the Insurance Broker Association, and the Insurance Agent Association. As legal counselors, we provide legal opinions, represent our clients to participate in the insurance law amendment projects, and, from time to time, provide training programs for the officers and employees of our clients.
  3. Dispute Resolutions:
    We represent our clients in litigations, mediations and arbitrations for insurance matters. With our specialists in insurance law, we assist our clients in solving disputes regarding claims, compensation, subrogation, and insurance products.
  4. Design of Insurance Policy:
    LCC Partners assists insurance companies in developing and reviewing new insurance products, as well as in acquiring the approval of insurance policies from the local authorities. We provide also the policy signatory service.
  5. Insurance Strategy Planning of Business:
    We provide businesses with thorough service of strategy review and arrangement of insurance plans, so as to assist our clients to achieve the ideal balance in risk management and resource allocation.